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Happy 2013 - The Year of Upliftment!

Let the magic beginÖ2012 was the year of completion, of letting go of what no longer serves you, no longer works or is no longer in your best interest. It was a year of letting go of fears, any lack or not enough, and any limitation to being, doing, and having everything you want!

2013 is the year of upliftment! The year to take you higher, to soar, to thrive, to be, do, and have everything you want! Now that your old stuff has been cleared out, it is time for you to get really clear about what you truly want from your heart and why. Itís time to go within and ask yourself what is it that my heart and soul desires this year!

When you know what you want from a deeper level your desire is stronger and your passion builds to draw it to you. What you seek then seeks you too! The more you think, speak, and take action toward what you want, it becomes true for you.

It doesnít have to be hard, difficult or a challenge. It simply can be easy, effortless, and an enjoyable process of believing, trusting, and having faith that what you truly want is yours.

The more positive attention you give to it, the faster it comes to you. The more gratitude you feel for it, you attract it one step closer to you. The more you believe, the more you trust, the more you know, the more you have faith it exists Ė itís on its way! What you want already exists within you and the more you reinforce that, the sooner it appears Ė arrives!

If along the way, you find your thinking and beliefs are of doubt, uncertainty, fear, lack or limitation, just realize that it simply isnít true and that your ego is creating an illusion of what you donít want. Simply shift your thinking to what you do want and have faith in what you desire to be, do, and have is your truth. It is not only possible, but it already exists inside of you. What your mind conceives and you believe, you can achieve. Just stay the course no matter what.

You can have what you want! You are a powerful creator and you can create anything your heart desires with your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. It is law Ė the law of attraction. Like attracts like. What you think about, focus upon, and put your attention on, youíll attract and draw to you.

If you think and focus on being thin, thinness will be the result. If you put your attention and focus on how grateful you are for everything you have and your abundance of money, more abundance and money youíll draw to you. If your attention is focused on doing what you love and enjoying your work, more of what you love and more enjoyment in your work will occur.

Of course, the opposite is true too. If you focus on weight gain, gaining weight will occur. If you focus on lack of money or not enough, less money will be available or not enough. If you put your attention on what you hate at work or dislike, more of that will be the result.

The good news is you can change your thinking, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, focus, and attention at any time and look at things differently. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. When you stop focusing, thinking, and complaining about what you donít want and shift to focusing, thinking, and being grateful for what you do want, it is amazing how things change easily and effortlessly as if by magic!

Let the magic begin Ė uplift yourself, your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, and take yourself higher, to new heights, and to what you truly want this year! Happy 2013!

posted by Judy on January 16th, 2013 at 7:33 AM

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