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Shift Your Focus and Feel Good About Yourself!

As a culture, we mostly focus on the negative, whatís wrong, what we donít like, what we donít want, how bad we feel, our problems, and all the bad stuff. We can see it in the news, at work, in our homes, in our relationships, and in ourselves. We can hear it listening to friends and family about how busy they are, hearing people talk or vent about their jobs and careers, people talking about their issues with their spouses, significant other or children, or the way people put themselves down about their body, weight, size, and shape, hair, clothes or how they look. People complain all the time how they donít feel very good about themselves because they are not good enough, thin enough, tall enough, pretty enough, smart enough, or successful enough, etc. and the list goes on and on.

They say that 97% of our thoughts are negative. Our thoughts become our beliefs. Our thoughts and beliefs create the conditions of our lives. Also, our thoughts and beliefs fuel are feelings and behaviors. Our feelings are responses to what we think. If we want to bring about change, we need to change our thinking and focus to create what we want and to feel good about ourselves.

We have learned from a very young age what our mothers, fathers, and other people thought and how they felt about us. When we did something good, we were loved, accepted, praised, appreciated, and valued. On the other hand, when we did something wrong or made a mistake, we were criticized, judged, yelled at or even punished.

We have learned to do the same things to ourselves. When we do something good or well, we feel good about ourselves. When we donít do so well, get the results we want, or make a mistake, we judge, criticize, and beat ourselves up. We then only try to do everything well and everything to avoid doing something wrong or making a mistake. So how we think and feel about ourselves becomes dependent on what we do or how well we perform. No wonder people are working so hard striving to accomplish things to be happy and feel good about themselves and when they donít, they donít feel very good about themselves.

No matter how hard you work or how well you perform, you will never feel good about yourself until you love and accept yourself as you are and where you are right now! So stop judging yourself and focusing on what is wrong and what you need to fix or what you have to do to do better, work harder, or do to improve your performance. Start to focus on accepting who you are and seeing how wonderful and beautiful you are just as you are.

Shift your focus to what is right, what you love and like, what you are excited about, how good you feel, possibilities, solutions, and all the good stuff. Appreciating yourself begins with self respect, self love, and self acceptance by affirming, validating, and approving of yourself just the way you are! Love and accept yourself unconditionally! Feel good about yourself and celebrate who you are! It feels so much better and so will you!

posted by Judy on July 31st, 2013 at 4:08 PM

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