Judy Meyers
Empowerment Life Coach

Judy Meyers' passion is empowering people to be free to be who they are, do what they love, and create the life they want!  She is committed to helping people set themselves free from what holds them back from creating what they truly want in life! 

Judy started empowering people over twenty years ago.  At the time, Judy was a successful General Manager and leader overseeing multi million dollar food service operations in colleges and corporations as well as teaching, coaching, mentoring, and training and development, leading workshops and seminars, training new managers in the Leadership, Excellence, and Development thirteen week program, career coaching, and human resources and operations consulting on a local, regional, and national level. 

Judy worked for several major corporations, such as Boeing, AT&T, Philip Morris, Prudential Insurance, Merrill Lynch, Lockheed Martin, and educational and finanical institutions.  She began to notice how many people were dissatisfied with their jobs and how it negatively affected their overall lives.  She also observed how more and more people's eating habits changed and their struggle with their work and weight increased over the years. 

Today, it is estimated that 80% of the workforce are unsatisfied with their jobs or careers and unhappy in their lives and over 67% of the population in the United States are overweight or obese.

Judy helps her clients by teaching them how to create what they want in their life!  She uses her highly intuitive gifts of sensing and feeling, compassion and empathy, natural counseling abilitites, and empowerment life coaching skills to help them shift their focus and thinking and transform unconscious beliefs that limit their lives and hold them back from being, doing, or having what they want in her individual Empowering Life Coaching sessions and 12 week Create the Life You Want program.  Judy also created Naturally Transform Your Weight, Health, & Happiness to help her clients  clear the "weight" of what's bothering them, "weighing" them down, and what's "eating at them to set them free to go from where they are to where they want to be!

Judy Meyers is certified as an:

  • Empowerment Life Coach from the Empowerment Institute in Rhinebeck, NY
  • Life Purpose Coach from the Life Purpose Institute in San Diego, California

and also she completed the Empowering Yourself - Going for and Getting What You Want program from the Option Institute in Sheffield, Massachusetts, graduated from the Dale Carnegie Training, and has a Bachelor's degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Houston.




Judy Meyers, Empowerment Life Coach, P.O. Box 2283, Warminster, PA 18974
E-Mail: JMeyersCoaching@aol.com, Phone: 267-261-0086