Naturally Transform Your Weight, Health, & Happiness!

We are all meant to be healthy, happy, and feel good!  Our natural state of being is love, joy, happiness, health, well being, and naturally thin.  We are all born thin naturally and eat when we are hungry, eat what we want, eat slowly, consciously, and enjoy our food, and stop eating when we are no longer hungry, satisfied, and before we are full.   

So, why is it that over two thirds of us or 67% of the population in the United States are overweight or obese?  

The truth is we got away from our natural state of being thin naturally and eating as a naturally thin person.  We weren't aware that we began to think more about what was wrong, what we didn't like, and what we didn't want.  The more we focused on what we didn't want, the more we struggled with it, and the more we fought against our self and our body.  We didn't know that we create everything in our life with our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings

The good news is we can change our thinking, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, focus, and attention at any time and look at things differently.  When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.  When we stop focusing, thinking, and complaining about what we don't want and shift to focusing, thinking, and being grateful for what we do want, it is amazing how things change easily, effortlessly, and naturally. 

Why Naturally Transform Your Weight, Health & Happiness?

Naturally Transform Your Weight, Health, & Happiness is based on the premise that our thoughts and beliefs create the conditions of our life.  If we want to bring about a change in our life, we need to shift our thinking and change our limiting beliefs that block us from what we truly want!

The purpose of Naturally Transform Your Weight, Health, & Happiness is to empower and help you get under the surface of the blocks or issues ot get to the root or core of what is bothering you, "weighing" you down, or "eating" at you to heal and set you free!  When you clear the "weight" on the inside, you can naturally tranform your weight on the outside!  

How does Naturally Transform Your Weight work?                                              

The Naturally Transform Your Weight, Health, & Happiness is a series of weekly Empowering Life Coaching sessions with a certified Empowerment Life Coach, who uses a powerful personalized empowerment process that empowers and helps you focus and create what you truly want to go from where you are now to where you want to be!   

What are the Benefits of Naturally Transform Your Weight?

You'll start at the beginning from the inside out by changing your thoughts and limiting beliefs to eliminate the "weight" on the inside while reducing the physical weight on the outside.    

You'll overcome emotional eating by dealing with what's bothering you and feeling your feelings to get back in control of your life.

► You'll add more joy and pleasure to eating and living life by eating what you want as a naturally thin person and have fun doing activities you enjoy.

You'll build a new positive, loving, and accepting relationship with yourself and your body and appreciate yourself for who you are as you are.

You'll address your mental, emotional, and spiritual hunger for something more and find your joy to feel happy and fulfilled.

You'll change the way you see, think, and feel about yourself and boost your self esteem and confidence to feel good about yourself!

You'll take back and reclaim your power, feel empowered, and own who you are!

You'll follow your heart and fill yourself up with what you love and enjoy!


"Anyone looking to add value to their lives and the lives of their family really need to talk with Judy.  Through Naturally Transform Your Weight, Health, & Happiness, she has helped me lose 20 pounds in one month.  In addition, she has helped me gain extreme clarity in my life.  She added such value to my life, my incredible son, and all those around me.  Ask her to talk with you and you’ll see what I am talking about.  She is great at what she does!" – RP

"I just wanted to share with you that I appreciated our session the other day in which we talked about loving ourselves first, accepting others for who they are, and especially accepting myself as a good person.  Food has been my security blanket and from what you have helped me with, I lost an additional 5 pound this past week.  You are an insightful person, who understands each individual’s needs.  You have helped me more than I could ever thank you for.  You are the best!" - RC

"I felt insecure, fat, and less than, because I was overweight.  The more weight I gained, the more I isolated and the worse I felt about myself.  My self worth and self esteem went down the tube and I felt really bad about myself.  I stopped dating, socializing with friends, and even avoided my family as much as possible.  Judy helped me take off over 30 pounds and keep it off for almost a year now eating as a naturally thin person.  I feel so much better about myself, my work, and my life.  Thank you so very much Judy, you changed my life!" - JM

Let's have a conversation about where you are at now and where you truly want to be!  Please feel free to contact me at 267-261-0086 to talk about empowering you to naturally transform your weight, health, & happiness!  






 "Loving yourself means accepting yourself as you are right now!"  Sanaya Roman, Living with Joy





"When we begin to love and approve of ourselves, it's amazing how the weight just disappears from our body."  Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life 






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